Permanent and Contract Staffing Services include:

  • Full meeting and evaluation with our clients regarding each position availability and requirements. Job profiling and company culture is detailed in full to get the most suitable candidate.
  • Professional and discreet advertising for positions available on career seeker websites, social media and of course the ACS Recruitment website.
  • In-depth, individual screening, assessing, interviewing and short-listing of all candidates.
  • CV Preparation. All clients will receive a detailed CV which will include a photograph of the candidate from our interview with them.
  • Reference confirmations are thoroughly checked.
  • Verification of qualifications, criminal and credit checks.
  • Compilation of job descriptions and job evaluations.
  • Regular follow ups are conducted once a placement is made. Following up with both our client and candidate, ensuring everything remains in order and that both parties are satisfied with their new move!