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Title Product Owner (Credit Risk) – Cape Town
Location Cape Town – Northern Suburbs
Job Information

One of our clients is currently searching for a Product Owner in their Credit Risk Department, specifically focusing on the Credit Risk rules, processes and systems. This successful incumbent takes responsibility for the implementation of the credit risk policy in the Financial Institution operational systems. The key stakeholders are the credit risk team, the scrum team responsible for technical implementation and other product owners in the case of cross functional projects. If you have the ability to work with complex data and business logic, can manage multiple stakeholders, love working in a professional and dynamic environment, want to be intellectually challenged and prefer doing work that has a significant impact then this role is for you.


Dependent on Qualifications and Experience

Duties and Responsibilities
• Collaborator: Collaborates across business on all levels to arrive at the vision, goals, priorities and business objectives.
• Vision, Goals and Measurement (collaborative process): Brings together and takes ownership of the product vision and ensures this is communicated into the team. Negotiates and takes ownership of product goals. Measures the value created by the product over time, especially after deployments. Ensure alignment between business and IT in vision and goals.
• Manages the Product backlog: Manage and orders the product backlog in order of value, risk or business importance in collaboration / consultation with business owners / stakeholders and the scrum team.
• Planning and organising: Plan, organise and collaborate to ensure future requirements from other teams are in place for delivery of dependent objectives / goals (While dependencies are a reality in our context).
• In the team and in business: Represents the business needs within the Scrum team. Brings the right stakeholders and expertise together as and when needed to collaborate with the team. The PO is a full member of the Scrum team and should be available to the team. The PO also spends time in business to ensure that they are aligned and understand the business direction and needs. Assists the Scrum Master in managing disruption (Operations has a high priority; we need stability to manage this).
• Acceptance criteria and release pipeline: Helps define acceptance criteria, ensuring that business is involved in this along with the team. Accepts or rejects the work of the development team before declaring done. Is accountable along with the team for delivery on time and of quality.
• Decisions: Works with business stakeholders at their need for level of detail and involvement. Decisions are collaborative and the job of the PO is to bring the right people together to get finality on decisions.

Qualifications and Experience
• 3-year tertiary qualification in Information Technology, Finance, Mathematics, Statistics or related discipline from a recognized institution.
• Certified Product Owner (CPO)
• Minimum 8-years in a leadership role, including 3 years’ previous experience as a Product Owner or Lead Business Analyst.
• Experience being the Product Owner/Business Analyst for a software development team that are diligently applying Scrum principles, practices, and theory.

Functional Competencies:
• Solid understanding of the product lifecycle
• In-depth understanding of Agile software development methodologies, technical understanding of products, and up-to-date on industry standards and best practices
• Business domain knowledge
• Prioritisation skills
• Conflict resolution
• Excellent communication and presentation skills
• Accurate and precise attention to detail
• Able to build strong interpersonal relationships across business on all levels

Behavioural Competencies
Team related
• Clearly express the connections between larger business goals and small backlog items
• Exhibit Scrum values
• Effective communication
• Excellent facilitation
Business related
• Communicating with other PO’s
• Recording appropriate feature information for Scrum team
• Skilful collector or information about users’ needs
• Split big slices of value into small slices of value
• Balances responsibilities of PO, team collaboration and self-development
• Learns by reading / researching
• Learns by experimenting / doing
• Learns by discussing
• Coachable
Other Characteristics
• Patient
• Assertive
• Organised
• Consistent
• Conflict resolver
• Immensely knowledgeable about the product
• Promote continuous improvement
• Decisive

Please note: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

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